A system for every floor

With Hunter Advanced Concrete Polishing, you’re able to implement the floor system that best suits your specific business, application and preferences.

It looks great from the first day and for years to come – with minimal maintenance and without the use of harmful chemicals. And because the system relies on the natural occurring chemicals and properties in concrete and our products from RetroPlate, it ensures a level of durability, while also ensuring such benefits as:

  • Abrasion resistant – by increasing the strength at the top of the floor, a surface is created that is up to 400% greater than existing concrete surfaces
  • Water repellant -- with a densification process that inhibits the penetration of water, oils and other contaminants by locking the pores at the surface of the floor
  • Floor hardiness – that increases impact resistance by 21% and stands up to ultraviolet light and water spray without adverse effects
  • Eliminates dusting – closing the surface of  the floor and locking in concrete salts prevents dusting, along with the associated maintenance costs
  • Marble-like shine – which increases the floor’s resistance to scratching and wear, without creating a slippery surface
  • LEED Qualified – Because our system uses a modified sodium silicate that interacts with the calcium hydroxide in concrete to enhance the strength of concrete, naturally.