100% Green

100% Green

Sustainability isn’t just something that benefits the environment. It also contributes to the environment you create in your facility, impacts safety to your employees and customers, and reduces the ongoing costs of maintenance. With Hunter Advanced Concrete Polishing, you implement a floor care plan that will preserve the appearance of your floors and reduce the expense of doing so.

Naturally green

From the products we use to the process we follow, Hunter Advanced Concrete Polishing uses an environmentally friendly system. In fact, we always have. By doing so, we eliminate the need for harsh solvents or volatile organic compounds, along with the harmful effects they can produce. We also eliminate the expense associated with them in terms of damage to your floors and the wear and tear on our tools and equipment.

With Hunter, floors are prepared using a RetroPlate grinding process and strengthened with a formulation of water and naturally occurring materials. During grinding, a HEPA filtration system is used to capture debris and dust. Then the floor is finished with a water-based sodium silicate, which chemically interacts with the calcium hydroxide in the cement component of concrete.

Reduce maintenance costs

Hunter floor solutions are designed to make the most of your concrete floors, without extensive maintenance, stripping, ongoing topical treatments or future disposal in a landfill.

The use of protective mats at doorways and high-traffic areas can trap dirt, dust and debris that might otherwise be tracked across floors. Regular dusting, sweeping and vacuuming can help to capture and remove dust and dirt before it dulls surfaces. Mopping and burnishing, especially in high-traffic areas also goes a long way in preserving the appearance of floors.

When green matters

With Hunter Advance Concrete Polishing, the products and processes we use are natural – and so is the environment you create. So, you don’t expose your clients, visitors or employees to anything but the beauty and durability of your finished concrete floor. Making it ideal for any application – from restaurants, schools and veterinarian clinics, to high-demand applications like retail, automotive and entertainment venues.