We don’t take shortcuts

If the job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. With Hunter Advanced Concrete Polishing, that’s just what you’ll find. We’ve consistently provided businesses with professional polishing services – time after time.  We know first-hand what works and what will deliver the lasting results you want, so you continue to see the value in the investment you make.

We also understand your need to control costs – in the initial project and in the ongoing cost savings in maintenance and durability. Our solutions reflect this, offering you the ability to:

  • Select from a variety of grades and finishes
  • Coordinate colors and shades to meet corporate brand standards or any décor
  • Select from several systems to match the demands of your environment with budgetary requirements
  • Create custom solutions to any need or application

Polished concrete floors will stand up to high traffic that doesn't come with the high maintenance costs associated with traditional waxed concrete floors. All wax type products are topical and over the course of time will need to be refurbished. The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System that Hunter uses penetrates the concrete becoming part of it increasing the strength and life of the floor.

Concrete floor systems from Hunter deliver unparalleled form and function and work in conjunction with bare concrete, acid stain, integral color, dry shake hardeners and cementitious terrazzo. Whether it’s a new or existing floor, our solutions make sense for you.