The results are unmistakable

The Premier RetroPlate System from Hunter meets your every expectation for appearance and long-lasting durability. It features a powerful combination of preparation, protection and performance. This system builds further upon Hunter's Select System.

The process starts with RetroPlate. Your concrete floors undergo an intensive diamond grinding process to remove debris and even out bumps in the floor. Next the RetroPlate densifying system is applied to strengthen your floors and a diamond grinding polish is added to the floors to give it a marble-like shine.

RetroGuard, a specially formulated, water-based flouropolymer stain repellant, is the next step in the process. Designed to work seamlessly with RetroPlate, RetroGuard's small molecular structure ensures maximum penetration and a higher coverage rate than other sealers. RetroGuard makes your floors stronger while protecting against spills and messes.

To complete the system, CreteClean works to ensure your floor continues to sustain its polish. CreteClean does not contain sulfates or hydroxides that are normally found in high alkaline cleaners, which can cause permanent damage to your floor. Adding CreteClean to your floor maintenance program is all you need to do to ensure a lifetime warranty on your floors. 1oz of CreteClean to every gallon of water is enough to replenish your floor's properties.

This cleaner is 100% Green and cotains Scar Gaurd. The key is the pH level, which delivers the most advanced detergents and conditioners to protect your floor.

Traditional waxed concrete floors require hours of maintenance and the wax only sits on the surface of the concrete. With the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System, maintenace is considerably less and the RetroPlate System penetrates the concrete protecting it longer and more completely. 

Your polished concrete floor from Hunter ACP with its strength and durability from the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System using RetroPlate, RetroGuard and CreteClean come with a lifetime guarantee.

View some samples in Polished Concrete Gallery.