Results that last

Hunter’s Select System builds upon Hunter's Quality System.

Starting with the first part of the RetroPlate System, your floor undergoes an intensive diamond grinding and polishing system to smooth and hone rough, pitted concrete or to remove soft carbonated concrete surfaces. The patented RetroPlate densifier system is applied to strengthen your concrete floor.

A final polishing process is then applied to meet your expectations and ultimate satisfaction.

RetroGuard is the next step of the process. A specially formulated, water-based flouropolymer stain repellant, RetroGuard, is applied to resist oil and waterborne stains. It is designed to work seamlessly with RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System. RetroGuard features a small molecular structure for maximum penetration and a higher coverage rate than other sealers. It does not affect the appearance of the floor, but does provide a window to clean up spills before they can penetrate the floor.

By following an ongoing low maintenance cleaning routine, Hunter guarantees your polished concrete floors will last 10 years.