Retail chain updates floors
Without interrupting business.

For one retailer with more than 70 locations in 16 states, updating existing stores meant more than a cosmetic refresh of its décor. Instead, the company saw an opportunity to create a retail space that offered the flexibility to change product display areas to meet seasonal demands, to reduce the costs of maintenance and cleaning, and to create a look and feel that was both appealing and durable.

The contractor selected Hunter Advanced Concrete Polishing to apply its Premier System.

Each of the locations were existing stores, open seven days a week. So, Hunter Advanced Concrete Painting developed a plan that ensured the least interruption to the customer experience. Over an eight-week schedule, crews worked overnight, when the locations were closed for business, focusing on sections of the store, one at a time.

The process included the removal of existing carpet and tile. Crews then performed the grinding, densifying, painting, protecting and polishing – carefully finishing each section of the floor and allowing the store to keep its doors open for business during its scheduled hours.

When complete, the floors added a new aesthetic to the appearance of the stores. Seamless throughout the space, individual locations could arrange and rearrange departments and displays according to seasonal changes and local demands – such as back to school, holidays and special occasions. Then, just as easily reconfigure the layout to its original areas.

In addition, the Hunter Advanced Concrete Polishing System has enabled the chain to ensure the appearance of its floors, eliminating the occurrence of pitting, chipping, discoloration, dulling and staining. At the same time, it reduces the maintenance and the associated expenses. Even high traffic areas are easily cleaned, using green products. And using the approved system cleaner, the retail chain gains the added advantage of a lifetime warranty.

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